Eumundi Group Limited

Eumundi Group Limited (ACN 010 947 476) is an Australian Public Company established in Brisbane, QLD in 2000. Official records link the following indiviuals: Joseph Michael Ganim, Suzanne Jacobi-Lee, Gilbert De Luca, Charles Russell Mccart, Vernon Wills, Leni Pia Stanley. See below for phone, fax contact information. Eumundi Group Limited is publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with symbol EBG. Hotel operations, and Shopping Centre and Hotel Investment Properties.

ACN 010 947 476

ABN 30 010 947 476

TYPE Australian Public Company

ASX Stock Symbol EBG

GST Registration Expired 6/30/2013

Established 1/26/2000



Brisbane QLD
10 Market Street
Level 15
QLD 4000
Since 10/10/2010



  • Mr Joseph Michael Ganim - Chairman
  • Ms Suzanne Jacobi-Lee - CEO
  • Mr Gilbert De Luca - Non Exec. Director
  • Mr Charles Russell Mccart - Non Exec. Director
  • Mr Vernon Wills - Non Exec. Director
  • Ms Leni Pia Stanley
  • Phone


    (07) 3229-7222



    (07) 3211-8222

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    Additional Trade Names


    Eumundi Brewing Group Ltd Expired
    Eumundi Brewing Group Limited Expired
    Eumundi Brewing Group Ltd Expired
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