Saint Maratken Community Society Inc

Saint Maratken Community Society Inc (ABN 76 773 377 949) is an Other Incorporated Entity established in VIC in 2005.

ABN 76 773 377 949

TYPE Other Incorporated Entity

GST Registration Expired 2/14/2005

Established 1/18/2005



VIC 3048
Since 2/3/2005
VIC 3048
Since 2/3/2005
  • User Feedback

  • Mohamad Nawaf


    Hi,. I wish you can help my family to resettle in Canada, we are Syrian nationality lives in Gulf.

  • Bassam


    I am Bassam from Egypt. I want to help. I am in Belgium. I applied for asylum in Belgium. They will not accept my application and want to return to Greece because I am recognized as a refugee in Greece. But I have problems with smugglers who want to kill me. I am 19 years old. I was 17 years old. I am in danger of the smugglers. They have contact, but the Greek police. I said that here at the police station, but no one cares and they said we cannot help you. I want help from Canada as soon as possible, they want to kill me Belgium wants to send me back to Greece they will kill me please help i am in risk

  • Youssef


    Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Youssef Mohamad Ahmad, I'm a palestinian refugee currently living in Lebanon...I've been suffering a lot in the past period of time because I've lost my job because of my nationality..I've been discriminated because of that..nobody is employing me because I'm Palestinian though I have a degree in Interior Design and have enough experience to be employed in any company. I'm married and have 3 kids. My wife used to be a teacher..but has lost her job because of the current situation in Lebanon. I'm in a really bad economical and social problem and need to get out of this country ASAP. I've reached a point where I can't even pay the tuition for my kid's school, so they're not attending classes nowadays. I want them to have a better future, especially when it comes to supporting them with the best living standards and not exposing them to the bullying that I've passed through because of my nationality. I've contacted the prime minister's office and explained my they sent my file to Mr. Ahmed Hussen's office so he told me to get in contact with the UNHCR where they told that they can not help since I'm Palestinian..and that I should be supported by the church in Canada OR Someone who would adopt my case to help me go to Canada. I'm in a desperate situation with nothing else to do so I really need your help to go over there. Thanks in advance for ur time and help. YOU CAN TAKE MY CHILDREN OUT AND LEFT ME, I DON'T MIND. MY ONLY CONCERN IS TO PROTECT MY FAMILY... PLEASE HELP ME... I BEG YOU I am willing to work with Canadians for free all my life, just to ensure the future of my children and protect them, because they are my WHOLE LIFE. My Phone no. : +96170032289 Best regards

  • Liaqat Masih


    With due respect, my name is Liaqat and my wife's name is Ayesha .We have four kids and my father-in-law (Mr. Iqbal) is with us. Our UNHCR number is 815-13C01068. On 9th March 2013, 178 Christians houses including two churches were attacked and burnt by religious extremist and fanatics in Joseph Colony Badami Bagh Lahore Pakistan ( powerful politicians and businessmen were also behind this attack on our Christian colony in greed of overcoming land of Christian colony which was at best location in the city. My house and workshop was also destroyed and burnt by extremists. I raised my voice against this massive persecution and injustice to the authorities and followed the case against involved fanatics and extremists. In return our Authorities and famous politicians were supporting perpetrators of Joseph Colony attack and were pressurizing me and threatening me to get back from following case against perpetrators of Joseph Colony attack. Due to these threats I hid myself from these perpetrators. To know my whereabouts extremists persecuted and injured my brother's sons. On 7th May 2013, I was attacked by four extremists they beat me badly and injured me. I got depression fracture on right side of skull. Police refused to take action against attackers because they were sent by powerful perpetrators of Joseph Colony. To save my life I ran to another city Sanglah Hill to my Uncle Fakira Masih’s house. Few days after I was out of house they reached my uncles’ house behind me and broke my uncle’s ribs who expired later due to these injuries. I tried my best to hide myself from them at different location but they were behind me to kill and it was impossible to save my life from these cruel extremists. I ran to Thailand on 12th July 2013. They broke my father-in law's jaw bone but he did not disclose my whereabouts. To save their lives from these powerful extremists my family also ran to Thailand on 8th October 2013. UNHCR after carefully study of my case declared me as Refugee and told us to find sponsor for resettlement by yourself. From many years we are requesting to different churches but no one have hold our hand yet. My children are suffering without proper education from many years. Here in Thailand we are facing big difficulties. We are not allowed to do work here. We worry every month about how we pay our room rent and how we will buy or find food. Currently we really on donations from our church and from kind individuals for everyday needs but there is not permanent solution yet. We request you to have mercy on us and hold our hand by sponsoring my family. We assure you we will not be burden for you. As we will reach there we will start working and will become sincere and responsible member of church and will be very thankful to you. With bundles of thanks! Liquat Masih Phone number : +66(0)923691586

  • Musa


    I'm a Chinese Muslim , I'm in Malaysia now,  The CCP want arrest me and send me to the Concentration Camp, I need Your help……

  • Khaled Mohammad Almohtar


    Hello, My name is khaled Almohtar,39 years old, Lebanese citizenship ,married and my wife is Syrian,I have five kids ( four boys and one girl) my work is Automotive and lathe metal shape fixing,I tried hard to immigrate to Canada specially Saskatchewan,my dream is to live and work there,but I don't have enough money to make all the process and the proof of funds is too high,and Lebanon now is in revolution cause our government is steeling our rights ,I have no shelter,my kids are without schools ,can you please help us ,I don't want my children to be killed by huzbullah the terrorist,they are getting stronger more than the government,Iam very afraid for my families future,please help and let my childrens dream comes true ,to live peacefully in your country for ever Best regards,

  • Essam musa ibrahim Ahmed


    I'm essam musa ibrahim ahmed, a sudanese refugee living in india since 2012, in 2006 my village has been burned, my younger brother has been killed and we have been displaced by janjaweed militia which affiliated to sudanese regime in darfur . therefore i managed to escape and fled to india searching for safety and to pursue in my studies. I'm have been recognised by UNHCR in india My reference number is 305-15C01295 In 2016 I have completed my degree in pharmacy and since then I have been looking for resettlement but unfortunately I'm not able to find because india did not sign refugee convention therefore they do not resettle refugees and there is no local integration. I'm looking for sponsors from Canada or else where , i would like to resettle in canada for some years because i want to acquire some leadership skills as well as to get opportunity to get mentorship , after the conflict is over I would like to go back and serve my people and my country to make change Thank you

  • Amin Laktenah


    Dear please note that I am a Syrian refugee live in Jordan & I would like to go to Canada through ecclesiastical sponsorship . I will have the money but I need somebody to do paperwork for me & pay the money as I don't know anyone , and you also aware about the fraud happening . So I just need your help to introduce me to somebody or to provide me with number or Email address to somebody can help me with this . Best Regards

  • Mohammad attarian


    Date: 02/08/2018 Subject: Request to Receive Sponsorship Greetings in the name of the our Lord Jesus Christ. To Whom It May Concern: I am contacting your office to request whether your organization will be able to provide my family with the sponsorship needed to become refugee in Canada. Following our conversion to Christianity (from Islam), our family became asylum seeker in Turkey about 29 months ago after coming under constant threats in Iran. We escaped our home country(iran)in fear of our lives. This has taken a toll on our family and my mother in particular. Having already experienced severe psychological disorders due to our inferior social status in our rural city in this country, she has started to show signs of anxiety and depression. My father and brother are not doing much better either. As your organization is listed as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH), I humbly request that you consider to sponsor our family for resettlement in canada. I am more than happy to provide you with additional supporting information upon request. I look forward to hearing back from you. Regards

  • Ammar Al-Sharjabi


    Dear Sir/Madam, I am Ammar Al-Sharjabi ; I am from Yemen and I moved from Yemen to Malaysia fleeing from the devastating war that my country is been through. I barely got out of my country after I had lost everything I have money, job , friends and safety. I look for urgent help and look for being a refugee in Canada. I am really in need of help ; I am qualified ,but I tried to look for any job here in Malaysia ,but unfortunately I could not find because they do not prefer people from Yemen. I barely can feed myself here; please help me in the processes of being a refugee in Canada. I am writing to you this letter while I am totally frustrated ; I am not trying to let you feel compassionate ,but this is really what I am suffering from. My budget is about to finish, specially that I have no one who can support me, and I have no idea how I will survive then. I will enclose my CV in this email to let you know more about me. I am ready to explain everything to you,but please do not leave me alone ,I am really in need of help. Please , if you are not the authroized person , kindly forward it to the authorized one or send my an email of a person who can help. I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Ammar Al-Sharjabi Serdang Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 143866490

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