David Jones

David Jones (ACN 000 074 573) is an Australian Public Company established in Sydney, NSW in 2000. Official records link the following indiviuals: Peter Mason, Paul A Zahra, Leigh Brian Clapham, Melinda Blanton Conrad, Jane Margaret Harvey, Philippa Stone, Steven M Vamos, Brad Soller, Susan Lynne Leppinus. See below for phone, fax contact information. David Jones is publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with symbol DJS. Operation of department stores

ACN 000 074 573

ABN 75 000 074 573

TYPE Australian Public Company

ASX Stock Symbol DJS

Registered for GST Since 7/1/2000

Established 2/16/2000



Sydney NSW
86-108 Castlereagh Street
NSW 2000
Since 3/19/2003
Brookvale NSW
145 Old Pittwater Road
NSW 2100
Claremont WA
49 Bay View Tce
WA 6010
Hornsby NSW
236 Pacific Highway
NSW 2077
Sydney NSW
113 Castlereagh Street
NSW 2000
Sydney NSW
65-77 Market St
NSW 2000
Brookvale NSW
Warringah Mall
NSW 2100
Sydney NSW
113 Castlereagh Street
NSW 2000



  • Mr Peter Mason - Chairman, Non Exec. Director
  • Mr Paul A Zahra - CEO, Managing Director
  • Mr Leigh Brian Clapham - Non Exec. Director
  • Ms Melinda Blanton Conrad - Non Exec. Director
  • Ms Jane Margaret Harvey - Non Exec. Director
  • Ms Philippa Stone - Non Exec. Director
  • Mr Steven M Vamos - Non Exec. Director
  • Mr Brad Soller - CFO
  • Ms Susan Lynne Leppinus - General Counsel
  • Phone


    (02) 9266-5544 (02) 9466-2000 (08) 9210-5600 (02) 9472-3700



    (02) 9261-5717

    Websites **


    davidjones.com.au davidjoneswine.com.au
    ** Domain association is inferred from various sources and may not be owned or even associated with this company. For example franchising. For further information, check the WHOIS.

    Additional Trade Names


    David Jones Limited
    David Jones Limited
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