Cozy Spa Sydney Pty Ltd

Cozy Spa Sydney Pty Ltd (ACN 610 041 355) is an Australian Private Company established in DAWES POINT, NSW in 2016.

ACN 610 041 355

ABN 61 610 041 355

TYPE Australian Private Company

Registered for GST Since 1/5/2016

Established 9/22/2016



NSW 2000
Since 9/22/2016
  • User Feedback

  • gio

    6/7/2023 11:41:39 AM

    I went to Cozy Spa last week, which is located at level 1, 422 Sussex Street. I was the worst massage place I ever been in Sydney. The place was good, but the masseuses are HORRIBLE behavior, they are just Money shark. Don't even think of going to Cozy Spa. I swear that place. They must all go back to Thailand.

  • Prem


    On a Friday after work, I went to Cozy Spa at level 1, 322 Sussex Street Haymarket to have a massage thinking I will be relax. upon entering a middle-aged Thai man greeted me and ask me what sort of service I want. I pick the 1.5-hour massage. before the massage start, he asks me if I want extra service that he will strip naked, and I can touch him, and I need to pay in CASH. The massage is horrible, he just wants to jerk me off at once. It was a pathetic experience in my life, just like you pay some jerking off robots. I think the staff is Cozy are so money hungry and over age for the job. Will never come bac to that place and whoever reading this please avoid this place. His name is Tony and the other one name is Max who giggles on my way out. They are Horrible Horrible people.

  • Wei Dong


    It was 3rd March 2023 went to Cozy spa at lvl.1, 422 Sussex Street. Greeted by a middle aged, matured man, named Toni, he seems to be nice but NOT really, he is too old for the job. He needs to go back to Thailand and need to have shame to himself. You are too old to be a gay whore. You are over aged for the job. He just wants to offer sex at once with a price tag to be done and dusted. It was so bad and nasty. No passionate or anything. Cozy spa is the worst gay place in Sydney with overpriced. Go to Iris or Andaman or 357 is much better service and young good people. to the management of Cozy Spa, please put new staff

  • Sai


    I went to Cozy Spa for a massage at L1, 422 Sussex Street, it was ATTROCIOUS. I was greeted by a nice guy. But don't be deceived. It was a THREACHEROUS place. I had a shower, came back quietly, I saw the masseur checking on my wallet and bag. He said he is just fixing it. The was massage was INCOMPTENLY and he wanted for more MONEY. The WORST part is few hours later my bank rang me that someone is using my credit card. Cozy Spa is PESTILENTIAL place.

  • Thunder


    Cozy Spa located at level 1, 422 Sussex Street is a HORRIBLE place, is the WORST massage parlor in Sydney, please don't trust any of the masseur, they are all after your MONEY, very bad service and filthy people and place. Be careful of your belonging for your personal details, they are just like a hungry dog for CASH. Don't be deceived by them, you will be sorry and be rip off, that establishment must be close It's a disgrace to Gay society and they are not even Australian citizen, they just come here to dwell on our Money.

  • Max


    Cozy Spa L1, 422 Sussex Street Haymarket is treacherous place and people. Masseurs are savage and vicious with MONEY. They are not hygienic at all, they deceived you for more MONEY, untrusted, be careful with your belonging and info. Better yet, don't even think of going to this precarious place, keep out of it. Go to Iris at Newtown, highly recommended.

  • Paul Door


    Cozy Spa is a FRAUD at Level 1, 422 Sussex Street, Sydney. BEWARE of this place, they are RIPOFF, OVERPRICED for a non trained matured masseur and NON HYGIENIC masseur and place,. they are FILTHY, very DECEPTIVE and MONEYGRUBBING people.

  • Sanjit


    Cozy Spa at a level 1 , 422 Sussex Street , Sydney is a Big SCAM. The place a not a real massage parlor, is more like a brothel with very high price tag and absolute filthy and worst place for gay service in Sydney, Be careful, and ever go to this place

  • Dominique


    Cozy Spa at a level 1 , 422 Sussex Street , Sydney is a Big SCAM. The place a not a real massage parlor, is more like a brothel with very high price tag and absolute filthy and worst place for gay service in Sydney, Be careful, if you want a real genuine massage with extra service by young and well trained masseur go to Iris at Newtown , one of the best in Sydney

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