Saint Maratken Community Society Inc

Saint Maratken Community Society Inc (ABN 76 773 377 949) is an Other Incorporated Entity established in VIC in 2005.

ABN 76 773 377 949

TYPE Other Incorporated Entity

GST Registration Expired 2/14/2005

Established 1/18/2005



VIC 3048
Since 2/3/2005
VIC 3048
Since 2/3/2005
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  • lukes chnann


    Dear Team My name is Nasreen Falak, I am a Pakistani National and due to life threats I left Pakistan in August 2007. Few months we tried to solved the issues back in Pakistan but once we knew that we cannot go back to our home country in Pakistan. In 2008 we applied for asylum in Malaysia and now I am declared a refugee in Malaysia. I have three children 11, 10 year’s sons and 4 years old daughter. My children born in Malaysia. Living for a refugee’s life we are struggling in Malaysia with many issues, my children cannot go to proper school. I am a teacher and my husband is working as a chef but because of legal issues we cannot get proper jobs. Since 2007 we are waiting for our resettlement but nothing happens. For about serval times we request to UNHCR Malaysia for our resettlement but we are still in waiting. My husband has been hospitalized two times due to depuration. As our children are growing up through many years in Malaysia. We are very upset and worried for their future, as our 13 years were wasted ready for good times. Many people resettled to Canada on a private sponsor and when we talk to UNHCR they said if you have any private sponsor you can apply but we don’t have any relatives for that. I got your contact through website and with hope I am writing you a request for the future of my children. I hope you will understand our situation. Please help to sponsor my family for resettlement to Canada under SAH sponsorship. I will be very thankful to you for our kind help

  • katra abdullahi farah


    Please consider my case and sponsor me to Canada to fulfil my sacrificed ambitions my name is khadro abdulahi, I am currently a refugee in kampala uganda I was an advocate of human right back in somalia and a human right activist I can't go back to my country of origin, due to fear. Because I have been subjected to gross violation of human right abuse inform of worst inhuman ways by extremist group al-Shabaab I have been subjected to beating senselessly resulting bodily torture . I was attacked on several occasions in my home and in public where they beat me for not supporting their course and ideas and not attending to their calls , their public announcements, propagations and not supporting their ideas. I have been subjected to torture and any form of inhuman treatments just because of my involvement to right and women right activistsm around Kismayo area and my husband's refusal to allow extremist curriculum to be taught in his school On many occasions this terrorist group has given me warnings, and harassments that I never involve myself in any form of women empowerment programs and advocacy. My husband, a local English teacher, was tortured and beaten in public because of his refusal to join their extremism ideas and to allow them to lecture their ideas to young children he was teaching. As a result they beat him in public and left him to die. They also burn his school . All because of the false accusation of teaching what they deemed as Christian values to his students. They have closed down his private school and burned his books and his teaching support materials. lastly they attack my home on 05/12/2016 at around 8:00 pm in the evening while I was away and have taken my children to the barbershop They entered my home, started shooting indiscriminately at any person they saw around, killing my father and my younger sister while calling my name loudly. Than they raze my home to ashes They searched me in vain but they didn't find me just because I was away (I have taken my children to a local barbershop in the nearby market place). But they could have killed me I heard gunfire in the directions of my home then after some minutes of hiding I ran away just to find out what had happened. my family members were killed, and my home was on fire. There was nobody to console me, as everybody in the area was either a sympathizer or a fearing moderate like me. I ran away to a bus station nearby, thanks GOD it was night time, and in the cover of the night darkness. I managed to call my husband and inform him what had happened. and together we have fled towards the Kenyan border town by bus. On reaching the border point in the morning of 07/12/2016 we entered the Kenyan side of the border on foot. covering some 5 kilometres with the children we have reached DAJATABULA township in the same day I phoned my step sister AMINA ADEN and her husband my brother-IN- law ABDIKADIR MOHAMED who were currently at IFO refugee camp in Dadaab Kenya. to tell them what has transpired and about the attack and the death of our sister and father and I told them the real situations and what Had happened to our family back in somalia. She was equally traumatised. and they helped me and sent me some money for the travel cost. We travelled and reached the refugee camp in DADAAB Kenya the following day whereby we met AMINA ADEN and her husband where we used to live together in semi-permanent room in IFO camp as we are undocumented refugees In the camp and Kenyan government were not welcoming any more refugees in Kenya so we use to eat and share the same rations given to Amina's family by UNHCR together. after Amina's family has got the chance for resettlement and durable solution and sponsorship to Australia we become alone in the refugee camp as un documented refugee we used to experience harassment by the Kenyan police on daily basis then we decided to proceed to Uganda and seek refugee status their

  • Ahmad ali


    Dear sir  I am from syria residing to work in united arab emirates for 20 years.  I have been in uae. My family and i , a wife and tow sons 5&2 years old I lost my job right now and i cannt return to my country,syria I need your help to move my family and i to canada  This is to protect my family Please help me if you can Kind regards Ahmad al ali Phone no:00971553780973  UAE

  • Raymond


    This pasragrɑph is in fact a fastidious one it aѕsists neew internet viewers, wwho are wishing for blօgging. Would You Viswit my web-ѕite; situs Slot terbaru

  • May Youkhanna Marcheal


    Greetings, First of all, I would like to thank the kind-hearted people who are taking the time to listen to my story. What you are about to read are some facts/details of my story. I MRS. MAY YOUKHANNA BARAM MARCHEAL am of Iraqi nationality but currently live in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. I have a 16-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter, my children hold a Syrian nationality obtained from their Syrian father (Ex-Husband). We visited the capitol city, Istanbul on 24/08/2018 and we were granted tourist visas in Istanbul valid until 13/08/2021 ((ID photos attached with copy of our passports) (see: Exhibit.1)). Before I begin my story, I would like to state a few things. Canada is a leader when it comes to the issue of human rights. Canada is a great country in which excels not just in human rights but in women rights and my husband Mazen Mohammed Zakaria Kayli, left me and my children without notice and seeked refuge in Canada. He left me to suffer in these harsh difficult circumstances. I as a mother, want my children to not only enjoy their birth rights but to live happily, to have an education, to have a bright future and for myself all I want are my basic human rights protected. As stated, before Canada is a leader and a role model for human rights to the rest of the World. Here is the sad glimpse of reality to my life story: My brother, was killed on 12 December 2004 after the fall of Baghdad, Iraq at the hands of extremists and racists. As being of Assyrian descend me and my family were constantly subject to violence and harassment by these extremists as they did not want minorities and other nationalities to live in Iraq. My family left Baghdad, and took refuge in Syria after the tragic killing of my brother. My sister-in-law and her children have been in Canada since 2005, all thanks to the Canadian government's sympathy towards the killing of my brother and the displacement of his two children, all while his third son was in the womb of his mother. Thank God the necessary work was done by the Canadian government. Moreover, my father died in response to my brother’s death which was caused by the overwhelming grief of losing his older brother. My mother became ill with chronic diseases after the tragic events, she is still in Syria. My sister immigrated to Sweden and my little brother to Germany since 2004. I have not travelled to Iraq since. ((Death certificate Exhibit from Yarmouk Hospital in Baghdad (Brother) / Iraq (Exhibit. 2)). When we discovered my son's sick condition in January 2020, he was in high school in the tenth grade. ((Medical reports Exhibit with analyses with treatments (Exhibit. 3)) Since this painful news, me as a mother worried about the future of her son, where my physical condition restricts me and does not allow me to get all the necessary treatments for my son. In my weak physical condition, I have only been able to do the initial tests which have resulted in just a diagnosis of the disease and I hope to come to the great country of Canada to complete the treatment for my son. As a mother all I hope for is the brightest future for my son and daughter and I hope that this future will be in Canada. Furthermore, since this event in my life I have reached out to several charities/associations and sent them analyses and medical reports by e-mail. I’ve also been attempting communication with embassies of several countries by e-mail but to no avail I have yet to get a response and If I were to get a response it was not of satisfactory level considering the charities and embassies I contacted. However, I did not stop there, I Begged and pleaded my case to the Office of Prime Minister Mr. Trudeau by e-mail to seek sympathy and attention to my case. (Exhibit. 4). Although my case is not easy, this is a violation of my human rights, so please kindly sympathize with this. I hope that you will take into account that I am a worried mother and have a son who is chronically ill. I am worried about my son a

  • remon


    Hi My name is Remon Sarah and I am refugee in Lebanon from 19/07/2017 I really want to know if I have any chance to be applicant to any refugee's resettlement program in Canada or If you can provide any kind of protection in your country any way or road to immigrate, anything at all, sorry for begging but I am in state where I am ready to sell my organs just to get out of Lebanon and I mean it. I am currently live in Lebanon,Zahla,Eblah and don’t have any family member or friend in Lebanon all of them run away to Europe ,America , Canada . I am in area with Muslim majority and I am Christian so sometimes they are racist to me on 29/1/2019 The general Lebanese security came to the hotel where I work and take my indwelling and they told me that I can't work in Lebanon because I am Syrian the are taking racism actions just because I am Syrian but I can't be jobless because I don’t take any money care from any refugee organization they are using me I work for 15 hour a day 7 day a week and didn’t have a day off from 2 and half years for 50$ per month. they told my they will force me to leave the country to Syria, I am facing mandatory deportation and I can't go there I am wanted for mandatory military service and I don’t want to be a part of any Armed conflict. I am calling the refugee center but no one answer the phone is always busy many people told me that the U.N can't help you with this thing they have a lot of causes and the political, financial crisis in Lebanon has become very hard on normal people like me. I know I am only one young person and no one care about his state , therefore I am sending you this massage maybe it will have an ear that will listen to my case maybe give me any phone number to any organization , any layer you trust , any government department will help my and accept my in your country after all the only thing I want Is to continue my study in your country I love your country and I think I will have my chance there to be creative , my friends and relative in Montreal and Toronto didn’t find any way , church or Citizens to help me or sponsor me so I can get to Canada maybe you will show me the way and I am ready for any Commitments and have some money just give me the chance I have studied 4 years of Bachelor's in the field of general mechanical engineering but I did not graduate because the government want me for mandatory military service, I have peaceful mind and I want to construct and help humanity not to be a gun how Devastate, therefore I run and cum to Lebanon. I have chosen mechanical engineering especially renewable energy because I think it is the way I can help both earth and human to be safe and green for coming generation. I have the strong academic ability to continue my last bachelors year if possible because I have studied in a private evangelical school for 12 years and I have an academic transcript with my grades in every based Research subjects in my 3 academic years also I am very good speaker in English, have achieved A1 level in German languages from higher institute of languages. Have a certificate of following first aid course from the directorate of civil defense. And have a certificate of sea rescue from civil defense. please let me know if I can continue my dream. And have any chance to get a scholarship. best regard and thank you for your help and reading I took too much of your time. for any help or extra information: e mail: my Facebook account at the same email under name: Remon Sarah mobile phone: 0096181397795

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