Saint Maratken Community Society Inc

Saint Maratken Community Society Inc (ABN 76 773 377 949) is an Other Incorporated Entity established in VIC in 2005.

ABN 76 773 377 949

TYPE Other Incorporated Entity

GST Registration Expired 2/14/2005

Established 1/18/2005



VIC 3048
Since 2/3/2005
VIC 3048
Since 2/3/2005
  • User Feedback

  • Mandana Asdaghi


    I’m Mandana Asdaghi in Turkey with my husband and my one-year-old daughter. We escaped from Iran. I have been a refugee in Turkey since 2015 and in 2021. I lost my seven-year-old daughter due to medical malpractice in Turkey. Living conditions in Turkey are very painful for us, we don’t have work permits, and we don’t have health insurance. My seven-year-old daughter, who was completely healthy, died within four days of the Turkish medical system. Now I have a one-year-old daughter. I am afraid that if she gets sick. I will take her to the doctor in Turkey, my life and my family are in serious danger Since 2015, we have been in Turkey for almost 9 years. Please help us. We need your help. because we are Iranians, UNHCR did not give us priority for resettlement. We do not have anyone in Canada to sponsor us, Please help us.

  • Fayaz Sadat


    living under Taliban Regime In the night’s darkness, I sat in a corner of the city looking over, I felt like a stranger. This is my city, people are in a vague dispositon and no longer have any hope for the future; the feeling like a child who is separated from a mother, looking for a shelter, nowhere to go. There are lots of things to write but we Afghans have been silenced and surrounded by bad people for a long period. I believe there are more good people than bad people in this world, but currently, the life and the dreams of our children, teenagers, adults, women, and men have been shattered by ruthless people. I believe there are Nations and People that care about us. Afghanistan is the homeland that is still under the Chaos and trauma of all the years of war and still my generation is willing to go as far as they want, there will be no boundaries even if costs us our lives! And we still have faith in the word called freedom. Even after being in a country where you see your dreams dying every other day and being under a regime that is not considered humane nor Islamic in any perception. I am a 22 year old man who is obliged to crave freedom, I started my higher education, my bachelor’s in business administration but couldn’t finish it as of the today’s situations. I lost everything, my whole career, friends, job, dream, family. This catastrophe was neither believable nor comprehensible. The misfortune which has come upon us, will never be forgotten and will remain in the minds forever like a gloomy dark day. On the 15'th of August the Taliban took over my country with violence. I saw people die, suffer, and relocate because of the absurd war that would never have a winner. Our politicians betrayed their own people, people who used to support them with their lives as our president turned out to be the biggest traitor of all. On that day, the world just watched, no country tried to help us in Afghan, I felt so much pain in my heart seeing innocent people trying to skip from their homeland because of the Taliban. Not a single Afghan wants to live here, schools are closed as well as universities and the government is non-existant. A dark cloud of bleakness over our lives and all we truly desire is to have a happy and peaceful life, free from war of any kind. On the day I saw the cargo plane take off from the airport, everyone there was very stressed and scared. Everyone rushed into the airport, and they were treated very badly by the Taliban and even the military troops who were there to help evacuate. Everyone was thinking that if I didn't evacuate now, they would kill me, and the idea was to kill some of them. People clung to the plane tiers, and some attempted to sit and hang from the plane, unfortunately most of them crashed into the ground, which was extremely disturbing and painful to watch. History has proven before that adopting to a new regime after a conversion, requires huge amount of effort by the society especially by youths who in my case, were born in a republic state, spending their life to learn one system just to be crushed and replaced with another regime comes with a different culture by a sudden. After all, as the Taliban took over, dreams and hopes of millions of citizens, especially youths, were buried. The fall of the government into the Taliban's hands changed everything in my life. I was an ambitious person with the dream of pursuing higher education in the country and work for my homeland, but now I am deprived of my basic human rights. I cannot continue my education and living under the Taliban regime is nothing but a scene of the burial of my dreams and hopes. Every Afghan juvenile has a hard time sleeping well, all their thoughts are, when this nightmare will end to finally have a peaceful mind. Most are discouraged and afraid of death, violence, and gunfire.we just want to survive and are ready to accept any challenges in order to regain our free life back.

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  • Hamid Nabizade


    Hello dear sir/madam, this is Hamid Nabizade a refugee from Afghanistan living in Indonesia with my wife and 2 daughters my older daughter is suffering from Autism spectrum 3 she is 6 and shall start school within 1 year while she can't communicate verbally due to her disorder, there is no help neither treatment for her here which be affordable for us and UNHCR is not helpful that much, would you please help us with sponsorship program to come to Canada and start my Daughter's treatment there? Or if not please connect us with potential sponsors. My contact: +62 85215806208 WhatsApp Best regards.

  • Rawan


    Hello, we are a Syrian family living in Lebanon, I want you to help me and my family apply for resettlement to come to Canada, thank you.

  • Jamil Qaderi


    Hello sir My name is Jamil Qaderi I am a Engineer I have a construction company in Afghanistan I do Many Projects . I'm from Afghanistan we are 10 Peoples in family now we are living in Turkey we are in very bad condition sir in Turkey everything is difficult in Turkey there are not giving as document to Stay in Turkey. and my children's cant study no opportunity not only this sir we have bigger problems in Turkey. So the Canada declared 3000 sponsorship for Afghans the program Says you have to know someone in Canada but unfortunately we dont known anybody to help as. So Sir we really need help I hop SAINT MARATKEN COMMUNITY SOCIETY helping as and sponsor as . Thank you My phone .+905373007902

  • Mohammad Nader Rahmani


  • Khalidin Mohammadi


    I have graduated from Kunduz University Law and political science faculty in 2014 and start as a Petition manager in Ministry of Counter Narcotics of Afghanistan after 2 years I have started new job as General Manager of Analyze of assessment in Independent Electoral complaint Commission of Afghanistan. And implementing the funded project for the Presidential Election and parliamentary Election in Afghanistan for three years. Since then I have received numerous lethal warnings from Anti Afghan Government militants and insurgents that jeopardized the safety of me and my family. The nature of the threats and warnings I have been receiving includes threats to my life and my family members, quitting my job which may result in dangerous consequences. As soon as it received the threats. Independent Electoral Complaint Commission is an organization that has been subject to high security restrictions. because the Taliban do not believe in elections, I have received various threats as a result of working with Independent Electoral Complain Commission. In addition my wife She has been working as a Radio reporter for a Radio Station in Kunduz Province since 22 March 2020. The women in Afghanistan have been suffering for years and I just wanted to help everybody I could. During our jobs in Kunduz Province we were happy and proud to be a part of a team who were working for the development of Afghanistan which suffered from decades. Apart from my role in the task, we were also happy to support our family. However, things didn't go well around our family. Therefore, due to high security threats we decided to come to Iran with my family through smuggling. We have been living in difficulties conditions in Iran for several months. By best honesty, I need your support snd help for humanitarian visa if possible. Best regards

  • Karima Hussaini


    I am Karima Hussaini, an Afghan woman and wife of a general military, my husband had worked in Afghan military for 20years. But I lost him in a war with Taliban in Ghazni province. I have no child and due to the cultural and religious difficulties I could not live alone, so I joined my parents family (which I lost my parents couple of Years ago) and I am accompanied by my 2 sisters who are school teachers. My sisters supported my family financially but after fall of Kabul by Taliban, they lost their jobs because we are not living with a man (Mahram) based on religious and cultural beliefs so we do not have the right to participate in the society. My husband's relatives Joined Taliban and I am afraid of them to highlight My husband's activities to Taliban because all his military Documents are still with me while we are living in a hide place and It causes distress for me and it overhangs me and my family lives. I respectfully want you to support me and save our lives. Best regards Karima Hussaini

  • Mohammad hussain


    I'm a serious risk taker and I'm asking your charity to sponsor me privately to accept Canada's special programs to resettle up to 40,000 vulnerable Afghan nationals to Canada please# read my statement letter: I worked for the Afghanistan Intelligence Agency (NDS) from 12/12/2015 to 12/08/2021 when Ghazni province fell to the Taliban terrorist group. -I was the director of control and inspection in the National Security Directorate of Ghazni province. -Date 12/08/2021 theTaliban group launched a large-scale offensive in Ghazni, And the Ghazni National Security Directorate (NDS) resisted to the last stage and fought the Taliban. Finally, the Ghazni National Security Directorate was severely besieged by the Taliban,We had to leave the Ghazni National Security Directorate by car while the Taliban were stationed on all roads and tall houses, firing on our vehicles on both sides of the road and tall houses.Along the way, a number of national security personnel were martyred and injured so that we could reach a place called (QALAE JAWZ) where a special piece of national security unit was stationed And about two hours later, we were besieged there as well, setting fire to our ID cards and weapons licenses, Then we were captured by the Taliban When we were being transferred from one place to another, I and a member of the National Security Directorate named Sultan Ali, who also becomes my sister's husband, escaped from the Taliban on the way. It was dark. It was not yet morning.And wearing a woman's tent, we reached Kabul. As soon as the Taliban learned of our escape, they searched for us in Ghazni. My father was informed that the city of Ghazni had fallen to the Taliban and moved from Kabul (our house) to Ghazni to find us. There is no news about my father until now and he has not returned home. On 15/08/2021, Kabul province was also captured by the Taliban. I and Sultan Ali ran away from home and hid in other places, changing places so that they could not find us.The Taliban group came to our house several times and threatened my family The Taliban group told my family that if the director of security control and inspection of the Ghazni National Security Directorate does not surrender, we will take you hostage and kill you later and My family told the Taliban that when Ghazni province fell, there was no news of the director of control and he did not return home Also, his father, who had gone to Ghazni province to look for his son, did not return home.After that day, my family leaves the house and they live secretly in other places. A few days later, I left Kabul for Pakistan with my wife, my sister's husband (Sultan Ali), my sister and my nephew And on 22 / Aug / 2021 we entered Quetta, Pakistan through the Spin Boldak border gate to reach the UNHCR office. The Taliban terrorist group will never forgive us because: 1. I was the Director of Control and Audit at the Afghan Intelligence Service (NDS). The Taliban terrorist group has always considered us spies and slaves of Western countries, NATO and ISAF.The Taliban said you were trained and equipped by them (NATO and ISAF), you are their slaves and infidel.The National Security Agency arrested and detained a large number of Taliban members, and in special national security operations Taliban members were killed and their depots destroyed.The Taliban and their affiliates, especially those released from prisons after the fall of the Afghan government, are seeking severe revenge 2.We are an ethnic minority (Hazara) and a religious minority (Shiite) As you know, the Taliban terrorist group has always carried out suicide and explosive attacks on Hazara mosques And the Hazara travelers were taken hostage along the way, even the Hazara children and women were beheaded.They called the Shiites RAFIZI and considered them inferior to the infidels. Our lives in Pakistan are also in serious danger because the Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI) did not have a good relationship with the Afghan

  • Hasiba Tawana


    Hi, I am Hasiba Tawana, a relatively capable journalist in the Dunya-e-naw Network in Herat province of Afghanistan. As you know, Afghanistan has a traditional country and religious people, but with the arrival of the Taliban, journalism for women has been reduced to zero. If I want to work in this field, I may face the threat of death. The Taliban are very cruel. In the last case, I had a report of women protesting against the sharp reaction of the Taliban. and the taliban called my number several times and threated me and my family even they came to my house gate and me and my family leave our house and we are in unknown place . We know that you have worked for the sake of human lives. Please save me and my family. My life is facing limitations. I have two brothers and two sisters. We life's with our Mother and we have not father .  and I was the breadwinner of the family. Now that I am unemployed, and our lives are in danger. The Taliban are threatening female journalists, especially girls. Please help us. Please provide my contact number and Whatsapp . +93786959437 +93791600069



    Dear Sir/Madam ALEYAH BAMYANI I need your great help towards my family case by sponsorship, because I’m eligible for all reasons. Country of Origin: Afghanistan Email Address: Contact Number: +93748695705 I’m eligible to be evacuated as I have Achievement certificates that proves my hard work for being a defender of Human rights, Democracy and freedom of speech in Afghanistan due to my great and hard work through years. I used to work and co-operating with these organizations. • Afghan TV channel (Rahe Farda) as news translator in the backstage. • civil right organization investigation of Afghanistan (C.O.A). • Women’s right as team leader of women’s affairs committee. • MOBY group as informal translator. I must mention that I have also had participation at Youth & Government Conference, a program based by Canadian WAR child named Step to brightness of Afghanistan and an active member of women’s affair committee at National Peace Trend of Afghanistan (NPTOA) and an active member of women’s affair committee at Afghanistan National Interest Defense group I’m under serious threat by Taliban because my activities at these programs was included defending Human rights, Democracy and freedom of speech of women in Afghanistan. being part of Afghanistan Journalist that I had requested for that before the Taliban, and got it recently from Afghanistan Journalist Council. I also have to mentioned that I translated many secret biographies of important people from Human Rights and Women empowerment’s organization, for their life cases to leave the country because the Taliban threatens, and according to the Taliban rules I am accused of helping them to run away from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, there’s great danger that threatens a certain segment of Afghan society, including foreigners, Military personnel and individuals who were in contact with foreigners, journalists, and especially ethnic minorities such as Hazara people and women and girls. I lived in UK for study and that I’m particularly called a foreigner here, most importantly me and my husband are both from the Hazara Minority plus Being Shia’s here is enough reason for us to face straight violence from Taliban which is such an intensive threat for us with three small children. My husband also worked as local employee in MOD, his position was Secretory of deputy minister and worked directly with Deputy Minister of Defense. I must mention TALIBAN are not the only enemy for ethnic minority of HAZARA people, as you might have haired the recent news that are released according to the announcements of ISIS terrorist groups specifically towards Shreya’s’ and Hazara’s of CNN and BBC witch these days they are clarifying their plans towards specific group of people mentioned above, which unfortunately me and my family are part of their targeted groups.

  • Mohammad Mujtaba Ghaffari


    Dear Sir/Madam, I am a journalist and related to the Religious minority (Shiite) and Hazara tribe, who are at high risk of threats in Afghanistan. I seek your immediate help in rescuing me out of the country. Below I sent you my detailed information as requested: First Name: Mohmmad Mujtaba Family Name: Ghaffari Birthday Date: 07 April 1988 Place of birth: Ghazni Press ID number or/and media you're working for: RTV (Rahnaward TV) , ID No: 017 Passport: P00217291 Phone& WhatsApp Number: +93799152888 Email address: Reference: 1. Mustafa Muheb, Dean of RTV. Email: WhatsApp No: +93792559009 2. Shahzada Ahmad Sahim, News Producer, RTV. Email: Phone No: +93791654321

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