Aspiria Australia Pty Ltd

Aspiria Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 159 958 219) is an Australian Private Company established in NSW in 2012.

ACN 159 958 219

ABN 84 159 958 219

TYPE Australian Private Company

Registered for GST Since 8/17/2012

Established 8/17/2012



NSW 2060
Since 8/27/2012
NSW 2060
Since 11/15/2012
  • User Feedback

  • David


    I purchased a motorbike helmet model number V124 and the screws that hold the visor to the helmet have come undone and fallen off 1 side causing the visor to flap in the bereeze and unseable at high speed. Considering that its only 12mths old I am concerned its not meeting compliance to Aust Standards.

  • Greg


    I purchased a motorbike helmet model number V541 and the outer black surface coating is breaking down to form a sticky surface. No cleaning substances have been used to clean. Please advise on fix or replacement as concerned of not meeting compliance to Aust Standards.

  • Raymond Wain


    I purchased the Tapiro ankle support from ALDI store and I like it so much that I wish to get another as soon as possible. Ca n you tell me how or where I can get another one

  • Kate Anikin


    I have bought a motor bike helmet from Aldi and the front visor was missing I have contacted the store I bought it from and they could not find it, I would like to know where I could get one from. Thanks

  • Siegfried Maltig


    I recently bought a pair of your sunglasses from Aldi Store. R/Hand over ear handle broke at pivot to front frame. Could you please advise a supplier for a replacement part or alternatively new sunglasses. Thanking you S. Maltig

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